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The worlds greatest fine artist IN THE MAKING.

whether you want to believe it or not.

FROM mg,Brazil.

Made in csm,LDN.

acrylic is the main medium for the canvases. 

Lilo has been producing since she was 12 and mixed for 8 years.

LILO's works focus on the everyday parts of life. her work aims to capture the world through her lens on canvas.


For Lilo, it is all about using the emotion from her own perspective within the world to create every piece, with each one getting a step closer to the vision she wishes to portray.


Her works reflect on the body as a playground for human feelings and each painting builds the narrative of what a great painter's work should look like, providing a refreshing, authentic and relatable outlook on idea of the  figure.


She is Brazilian born and is now based in London having completed her ba in Fine art at Central Saint Martins, ual in 2021.


To keep updated with the latest news you can subscribe to her mailing list or visit instagram @lilogaleria.